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I have the following url:

url = http://photographs.500px.com/kyle/09-09-201315-47-571378756077.jpg

I would like to extract the file name in this url: 09-09-201315-47-571378756077.jpg

Once I get this file name, I'm going to save it with this name to the Desktop.

filename = **extracted file name from the url**     
download_photo = urllib.urlretrieve(url, "/home/ubuntu/Desktop/%s.jpg" % (filename))

After this, I'm going to resize the photo, once that is done, I've going to save the resized version and append the word "_small" to the end of the filename.

downloadedphoto = Image.open("/home/ubuntu/Desktop/%s.jpg" % (filename))               
resize_downloadedphoto = downloadedphoto.resize.((300, 300), Image.ANTIALIAS)
resize_downloadedphoto.save("/home/ubuntu/Desktop/%s.jpg" % (filename + _small))

From this, what I am trying to achieve is to get two files, the original photo with the original name, then the resized photo with the modified name. Like so:



How can I go about doing this?

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filename = url[url.rfind("/")+1:]
filename_small = filename.replace(".", "_small.")

maybe use ".jpg" in the last case since a . can also be in the filename.

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You can use urlparse and os.path built-in python modules. Example:

>>> import urlparse, os
>>> url = "http://photographs.500px.com/kyle/09-09-201315-47-571378756077.jpg"
>>> a = urlparse.urlparse(url)
>>> a.path
>>> os.path.basename(a.path)
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You could just split the url by "/" and retrieve the last member of the list:

    url = "http://photographs.500px.com/kyle/09-09-201315-47-571378756077.jpg"
    filename = url.split("/")[-1] 

Then use replace to change the ending:

    small_jpg = filename.replace(".jpg", "_small.jpg")
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Thanks for the answer –  noahandthewhale Sep 10 '13 at 21:28

Python split url to find image name and extension

helps you to extract the image name. to append name :

imageName =  '09-09-201315-47-571378756077'

new_name = '{0}_small.jpg'.format(imageName) 
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Thanks for the answer –  noahandthewhale Sep 10 '13 at 21:29

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