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I have an original video file "inputVideoFile.mp4"

I use ffmpeg to decode the input video file, process each frame, and then encode those frames to "outputVideoFile.mp4".

I do not get the delayed frames, which means the output video file should have less frames than the input video file.

However, when I use ffprob to see how many frames are in the two files, it shows their duration values are the same:

$ffprobe inputVideoFile.mp4

Duration: 00:00:04.08, start: 0.000000, birate: 7835 kb/s

$ffprobe outputVideoFile.mp4

Duration: 00:00:04.08, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 21055 kb/s

Why is it the case? And BTW, what units for the one after second, in 00:00:04.08? in ".08", is the unit 1/60 sec, or 1/100 sec?


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I find the answer:

av_guess_frame_rate(a_AVFormatContext, a_AVStream, NULL)

It works!

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