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I am using MayaVi to trace streamlines for a given vector field and for each streamline I can extract all the information I need (e.g. coordinates of the streamline points, value of the vector module, ...).
The problem is that the streamline process is extremely memory consuming. I have to trace let's say a hundred of streamlines and after each streamline I would like to free the memory, but I do not know how to do! Here it is the code I am using

#Vx, Vy, Vz are three NxNxN matrices (N is of the order of 400)

from enthought.mayavi.mlab import *

figure() #it opens the MayaVI graphic window
fl = flow(Vx,Vy,Vz,seedtype='point')

dataset = fl.outputs[0]
x,y,z = dataset.points.to_array().T

In this way, the point positions are stored in "x", "y", and "z".

Now, using the "top" command from terminal I can see that a large fraction of the memory is used. To free memory, I tried removing the streamline from the plot


as well as with the deprecated


but nothing happens! This means that, after tracing only a couple of streamlines, my computer slows down until it freezes. Any idea? Anyone used MayaVi?

Cheers, Noctu

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It is a little complicated -- using the basic garbage collector doesn't help a lot as mayavi objects will retain their references to the VTK objects they refer to, and the huge matrices that represent the cost are held in several places. I played with it a bit and I got rid of some of them and disconnected the underlying VTK object, but I didn't get them all. This is the sort of thing you would want to write functions for and then have them nicely release all the data in the right order, but it isn't easy. –  aestrivex Oct 16 '13 at 21:58
Dear aestrivex, thank you for the time you spent to look at this problem. –  Noctu Oct 17 '13 at 16:15

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