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Ok, when any of us in my group send a email or etc with attachmens to our sharepoint email of jobslist@xxxx.corp it works cool.

But we were trying to automate a process where we get our scheduling rpts sent to use weekly autoamtically...

Current our systems folks manually send the rpt to us, and we upload it to the same location that the email would send to. when done manually all is good.

When our system gal tried to automate it, she can get a email with a attachment sent to above email and it shows up.. .however instead of being a CSV ... it shows as a dat file. And whats in her subject line is the filename/path of it, but the dat file is Subject.dat

Now if i download this email (it shows up on sharepoint as a eml only irreguardless of my settings on attachments or emails)... and save it on desktop.. I can pull in the dat file as a csv into excel..

The data is sizable so we definately want it as a csv and not inline data in a email.

We are at a loss as to next step, I dont know if workflow or other things still are needed.

We are already using sharepoint email , successfully ..another email elsewhere on sharepoint, for a status_summary of nightly activitiies by oncall. since thats 100% email and no attachments.

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