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Just a quick question (hopefully).

I want to slide one div in front of another div, with Jquery.

I don't want to hide one div and then slide the other down and I don't want to push one div down when the other slides in.

Does anyone know a good way to do this, possibly with a plug-in for Jquery?

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Use absolute positioning for the divs and they won't affect each other when sliding.

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oh yeah thanks. Actually i already knew this.. but thanks for reminding me – Thorbjørn Reimann-Andersen Dec 9 '09 at 12:02

All you have to do basically is to use absolute positioning and control which one is show via z-index. The rest is simple animation

Check this site for a demo ( for the source code)


div.first, div.second {
div.second {

<div class="first">foo</div>
<div class="second">bar</div>

    $(WHATEVERSELECTOR).click(function() { //or bind differently
        //jQuery core version
        $(".second").css("width", 0).css("z-index","1").animate({ width: "100px" }, 2000); 
        //use this line if have jQuery UI included anyway
        //$(".second").hide().css("z-index","1").show("slide", { direction: "left" }, 2000);
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