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I am trying to redirect my users when they are installing my chrome extension.

this is the code given by google:

    chrome.webstore.install(string url, function successCallback, function failureCallback)

But i cant get it to work, it installs the extension, but nothing happens afterwards.

This is what i just tryed:


Can you please help me? i have searched for hours now.

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have you tried just putting a link to the item on the web store? – dangercat Sep 11 '13 at 23:40

Add code like this in your background file:

       url : ""
    localStorage.first = "true";

from redirect to page.html after chrome extension installs

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I just ran into this. For some reason, that signature doesn't accept function references. So you'll have to make a call like:

    function() {

instead of

chrome.webstore.install('webstore-path', callbackRef);

Hope that helps!

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