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My img.onload seems to be firing before the image is loaded. I am attempting to draw the images on a canvas.

Here is my code:

var tileAtlas = [ ];

function loadAtlasJSON() {  
    for (var i = 0; i < JSONpaths.length; i++) {
                fileName: JSONpaths[ i ],
                success: function( atlas ) {            
                    addToTileAtlas( atlas );

function addToTileAtlas( atlas ) {
    atlas.loaded = false;
    var img = new Image();

    img.onload = function() {
        // Logs way too soon from the previous console.log
        atlas.loaded = true;

    // Always returns false, so onload has not fired yet
    img.src = atlas.src;

    // Store the image object as an "object" property
    atlas.object = img;
    tileAtlas[ atlas.id ] = atlas;

After this code, I use keep checking each atlas's .loaded until all are true. When they are all true, I draw the images on a canvas, but nothing is shown.

But if I set a timeout (say 1000 ms) before drawing the images, the images are drawn fine. This leaves me to believe that .onload is firing before the images are actually loaded.

Furthermore, I think the timestamps of the log are too close to each other to account for the loading time of each image, which are 20-90 kb.

[16:12:06.209] "ground"
[16:12:06.210] false
[16:12:06.211] "ground-collision"
[16:12:06.211] false
[16:12:06.213] "objects-collision"
[16:12:06.213] false
[16:12:06.223] "ground"
[16:12:06.223] true
[16:12:06.224] "ground-collision"
[16:12:06.224] true
[16:12:06.225] "objects-collision"
[16:12:06.225] true

I know that the function assigned to the onload is NOT invoked immediately, since the console.log(atlas.loaded); under the img.onload assignment still returns false.

I have checked this in multiple browsers that I know do not hold a cache of the image. In my main browser, Firefox, I have set network.http.use-cache and browser.cache.offline.enable to false.

I am testing this code on a localhost apache server using MAMP, but I don't know if that is relevant.

Since I know using a timeout to delay the display of the images works, that also means the JSON loading and img.src paths are correct.

Since img.onload fires too soon, I can only think of a couple causes:

  1. The browser has the image cached and thus sees it as loaded. But then this doesn't explain why it won't display the image even when refreshed.
  2. My .onload syntax/usage is incorrect.

Thanks for your help!

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And where are you displaying it? –  epascarello Sep 10 '13 at 23:27
On an HTML5 canvas. Sorry, should have stated that. –  user2736286 Sep 10 '13 at 23:32

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Okay, found the issue. It was a bug due to asynchronous loading of my tileAtlus array. I was for in looping over an array that was still undefined. Going to have to re-evaluate my approach. Thanks!

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