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I have a Messages table that I used in a outer join with another table in my MariaDB database today morning, which worked fine. I haven't tried to alter the table in any way since then but I've possibly run a few select and join statements more since then. However, a few hours later any time I try to JOIN, SELECT or in fact do anything with the table I get a strange error as:

ERROR 1712 (HY000): Index Messages is corrupted

I looked this up on the MariaDB error codes page and all it says is:

1712 | HY000 | ER_INDEX_CORRUPT | Index %s is corrupted Note: Introduced in 5.5.17.

This error is also listed in the "Shared MariaDB/MySQL error codes" section so it's probably not a MariaDB issue.

I used SHOW CREATE TABLE to determine that the engine used was "InnoDB" and attempted:


as suggested by this page: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/rebuilding-tables.html to try and rebuild the table and I got this message:

ERROR 1712 (HY000): Index Messages is corrupteddone

which however had no effect on the error.

Any ideas what I could have done wrong / how to fix this?

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