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Background: Some friends and I have been using Google Docs spreadsheets to do some data analysis and simulations as a fun way to learn some basic Javascripting. It quickly got quite complex and out of hand, and since we had been learning it at the time, almost nothing was done efficiently, and all three of us used different programming conventions. (I know I know).

Fast forward over summer break, now that we know somewhat what we're doing, we want to redo the whole spreadsheet from the ground up. Unfortunately, we cant analyze what scripts stay or go or what some of the more complex ones actually do, since there are so many function calls throughout the document we get the "Script invoked too many times per second for this Google user account." Error around several dozen times per sheet.

I know that we can set up the scripts to output arrays directly into the spreadsheet, and that doing that would really cut down on the load, however i dont really want to reprogram the spreadsheet to reprogram the spreadsheet.

So, finally, my question is: Is there some quick and dirty workaround I can use to get all the scripts I need to run, so I can analyze them? I already copied the doc, cut out everything not pertaining to the complex ones, and its not quite enough. about 10% are still giving error messages.

Any help would be amazing.

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I'm unfamiliar with using Google Docs like this, but maybe you can you overload API calls to give dummy results, meaning that you don't have any hits to the server->no issue? – Paul S. Sep 11 '13 at 0:29
How would I go about doing that? – Cyberhawk94 Sep 11 '13 at 1:02

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