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I got a factory so this mock method is called "getModelMock". It rewrites the setData method when the first argument is "template_text" to another function "fetchArgs" that stores the given arguments.

$coreEmailTemplateMock = $this->getModelMock(
    ->will($this->returnCallback(array($this, 'fetchArgs')));

$this->replaceByMock('model', 'core/email_template', $coreEmailTemplateMock);

The method "setData" will be called at some time like setData('template_text', 'foo'). I know that because without the "with" clause I can see every argument that has been put in that function.

So to my understanding the first argument IS "template_text" at some time and I should see the "foo" too.

Without the with() I see every argument that has ever been parsed (my fetchArgs does that).

With the with() I see nothing.

What went wrong here? Something wrong with the with() I used?

thanks in advance! cheers

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