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I've been using VLOOKUP quite a bit and has been very helpful, however I've been searching around for a method to do the same thing with two or more queries

I have attampted to this this below, but have had no luck


I have uploaded a picture of the data

If Cell = East & (9 rows below) = "Points"

then add points up


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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If I understand you well, you want to add the points up for all the East matches, so in your picture, you want to get 9?

SUMIFS seems to be your best bet.


A couple of things to be careful:

The 'height' of the ranges need to be the same:

  • The sum is 23 rows high;
  • The first criteria range is 23 rows high;
  • The second criteria range is 23 rows high.
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