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Are there any issues I may be missing using fastEnumeration with the enumerator below? I only ask as code examples (online & books) always seem to use a whileLoop. The code sniped works fine, just curious if I am missing a potential issue. Please not this is just a test with no error checking.

NSDirectoryEnumerator *dirEnum;
NSString *eachPath;

dirEnum = [fileManager enumeratorAtPath:sourceDir];
for(eachPath in dirEnum) NSLog(@"FILE: %@", eachPath);


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The examples use a while loop because the fast enumeration syntax is a very recent addition to the language. As long as the object following the in keyword conforms to the NSFastEnumeration protocol, your code is fine.

As a practical matter, since the default implementation in NSEnumerator just falls through to -nextObject, you're not likely to see a noticeable difference in speed either way.

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Ah I see, thank you. –  fuzzygoat Dec 9 '09 at 19:21

Although its often not mentioned you can use fast enumeration on any NSEnumerator object or subclass (NSDirectoryEnumerator) object.

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