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Let's get this out of the way first: This question is not a duplicate of this earlier question. I'll explain why below.

I'm running the command xcodebuild test -scheme 'ISO8601ForCocoa' SYMROOT=../build, and here's the output:

Executed 16 tests, with 0 failures (0 unexpected) in 0.047 (0.051) seconds
profiling: invalid magic number (0x656d6954)
profiling: invalid magic number (0x00000000)

The person who asked that earlier question got the same error message, but they fixed it by cleaning their build folder.

In my case, cleaning will not help, because I don't have a build folder yet. I still get this error message even on a completely fresh build. In fact, the .gcda and .gcno files are not even created, so there is nothing to clean.

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xcodebuild puts build products in $SYMROOT, but stores profile products in $OBJROOT.

If you want to completely confine a build, including all intermediate and ultimate products, to a single directory, you need to set three build settings:

  • SYMROOT: Build Products Path (ultimate products, such as apps and test bundles)
  • OBJROOT: Intermediate Build Files Path (intermediate products, such as per-module object files—generated by the compiler, read by the linker—and .gcno/.gcda files)
  • SHARED_PRECOMPS_DIR: Precompiled Headers Cache Path (guess)
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