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I am trying to write a C++ application that can communicate securely with a Java based server. I use OpenSSL in C++ to establish SSL context with Java. Context establishment fails in C++ with error "unexpected message". This happens during handshake. OpenSSL does not seem to understand the message received from the Java server. Looking at the OpenSSL code it seems it is getting data of type "application data", which it does not expect during handshake. This issue happens even when all the workaround options provided by OpenSSL are enabled.

I have seen multiple users posting similar issues in this forum, I've tried the solutions suggested here. But none of them seem to help me. Does anyone have idea on what would be going wrong here?

Note that Java client is able to establish SSL context with the Java server, it is just the C++ client that is not able to establish context.

Thanks Subrahmanya

Following is my code. One of the posts that I referred to is TLSv1 handshake failure

Here is how my code looks like

SSL_CTX              * ssl_ctx;
SSL_METHOD           * meth;
SSL                  * ssl;
............. more declarations

meth     = TLSv1_client_method ();
ssl_ctx  = SSL_CTX_new (meth);

// Enable different workarounds in OpenSSL, which (as per OpenSSL spec) are harmless
ctx_options = SSL_OP_ALL;
SSL_CTX_set_options(ssl_ctx, ctx_options);

ssl = SSL_new (ssl_ctx);       
if (ssl == NULL) {
    return false;

SSL_set_fd (ssl, connection_get_socket (connection));

tls_set_common_data (connection, ssl, ssl_ctx);

SSL_set_verify(ssl, SSL_VERIFY_PEER, NULL);

while (1) {
    int retCode = SSL_connect (ssl);
    if (retCode == 1)

    /* get ssl error */
    ssl_error = SSL_get_error (ssl, -1);

    switch (ssl_error) {
        log (LEVEL_CRITICAL, "syscall error while doing TLS handshake, ssl error (code:%d)",

        errdetail = ERR_get_error();
        ERR_error_string_n(errdetail, error_buffer, sizeof(error_buffer));

        log(LEVEL_CRITICAL, "Error during SSL_Connect: %s", error_buffer);

        return false;
        return false;
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Please post your client code or relevant parts of it, so that we can tell what is the problem. Also add references of solutions that you have tried. –  user568109 Sep 11 '13 at 6:20
I've added the code above –  Subrahmanya Sep 11 '13 at 7:08

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