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I am using the Slash theme for Octopress.

Right now, the entire page just has datestamp in left column and post in the middle.

In my _config.yml, I have tried both this:

default_asides: [asides/about.html]

and this:

default_asides: [custom/asides/about.html]

I have that file in my source/_includes/custom/asides/

But it doesn't show that aside at all.

This is the content of that about.html:

  <h1>About Me</h1>
  <p>A little something about me.</p>


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I'm using a theme called fabric which also doesn't have a sidebar.

And I also find that only modify _config.yml doesn't work.

But I find this in the classic theme's source/_layouts/post

 {% unless page.sidebar == false %}
 <aside class="sidebar">
   {% if site.post_asides.size %}
 {% include_array post_asides %}
   {% else %}
     {% include_array default_asides %}
   {% endif %}

so it's clear that you also need to add the similar code to your new theme if you want to have a sidebar.

Hope this can give you some insight. ^_^

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