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I've got a flex app that hits a remote SOAP service and populates a list with the results.

It works fine when i run it through flex builder, but when i compile the application and move it onto a webserver it can't access the services.

I've tried it from a standalone webserver and on my own machine. I'm assuming that there's a security issue that i've missed as i can't think of any other reason why it's ok in flex builder but not when compiled on the same box.

Thanks all.

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Is it a crossdomain.xml issue?

The web server running the SOAP service needs crossdomain.xml file to allow your flash movie to access it. See

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I believe it is, i was told by the vendor that there was a crossdomain file but i've just actually checked there isn't. Thanks! – user227914 Dec 11 '09 at 11:40

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