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I'm trying to figure out the best way to have a side menu auto generated from the headings of a tutorial. I can either add them to a list in the front matter or have it auto detect them, but I need to write some code that only generates a side menu of appropriate length. Something like this(you can see the side menu in large windows) but I would use the side nav or preferabbly accordion modules present in Foundation 4. I guess it would have to first count the words or phrases i nthe list, then generate a side module in a loop for the required number of times.

Since I'm not too familiar with jekyll and Liquid templating code, I though I would ask here first and find out if anyone can give me a hand. If it's difficult a nudge toward where to start would be much appreciated.

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You'd be much better off just hard-coding the side menu and using a layout to include it on each page.

At the start of each file that makes up the tutorial, include a YAML front matter section like this:

layout: sidebar

Then in your _layouts folder include a layout with the name sidebar.html, which describes the sidebar like this:

        <div id="sidebar">
        <!--Sidebar content goes here-->

        <div id="content">
        {{ content }}
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