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I have in pom the plugin maven-surefire-plugin with skipTests on true. However, sometimes I want to run the tests from the command line and I want to overwrite this plugin from command line and to leave the pom file unchanged.

I tried

mvn install -DskipTests=false
but it still skips the tests...

Any idea how I can solve my problem...?

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Using profile can do the trick. It requires you change the pom file though it gives you the behaviour you want.

Set a property in project element


Now create a profile


in surefire plugin configuration


Now run mvn install -P run-tests This command will activate the profile, thus set the runtests property to true

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Skipping by default is specifically discussed in the plugin documentation:

If you want to skip tests by default but want the ability to re-enable tests from the command line, you need to go via a properties section in the pom

In other words use a property for the default:


Define a property:


Properties can be overridden from the command-line:

    mvn install -DskipTests=false

Note that the skipTests in the command-line above refers to the property, not to the plugin parameter with the same name.

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