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I have table in Oracle 11g called Name: Customer

ID|Name |Country
1 |Mark |USA
2 |Allan|UK
3 |James|USA
4 |Todd |UK
5 |Mike |UK

And I have a text file list.txt


I need Result exported in text file


1 |Mark |USA
3 |James|USA
5 |Mike |UK

Basically I need to extract in the Customer table Record ID 1,3,5 and save it to a text file(result.txt) is this can be done in stored procedure or script.

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What have you tried? Where are you stuck? Do you know how to load data from the text file into Oracle (SQL*Loader or external tables depending on where the file is located)? Do you know how to write the query to join the two tables? Do you know how to use UTL_FILE to generate the output file? –  Justin Cave Sep 11 '13 at 6:56
I don't know how to use UTL_FILE so far I tried only the query. –  user2617053 Sep 11 '13 at 7:12

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  1. Create a table list(ID NUMBER) to store the content of list.txt
  2. Use command sqlldr to import list.txt into table list

    sqlldr db_user/db_password@DB_SERVICE control=D:\list.ctl

    the list.ctl content:


    infile 'D://list.txt'

    truncate into table test

    fields terminated by '|'


3.Export the query result from oracle table: sqlplus -S db_user/db_password@DB_SERVICE @D:\run.sql

the run.sql content:

`SET echo OFF`

`SET feedback OFF`

`SET pagesize 0`

`SET term OFF`

`SET trims ON`

`SET timing OFF`

`SET verify OFF`

`SPOOL D:\result.txt`

`select a.id || '|' || a.name || '|' || a.Country From Customer a, list b`

`where a.id = b.id;`


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It is possible by using external table to get data from file and join it with your table and export the data using utl_file in a stored procedure.

But if you are using shell or any other scripting languages then call a query directly from script and push the data to a file. Thats the easy way.

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