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I've just started using angular-flash and the messages are coming up, but where should I clear the messages?

Do I just set flash.message('') under every action or put it in the route somewhere? Is there a way to do this on a timer so it fades out? I see in the code that there is a timeout feature but where do I initialise that?

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I'm looking into the source code to try and figure out what is going on, a quick and dirty fix would be to do this when you want to clear the messages:


Since all of your flash messages are in an array, I assume you can handle it like any array.

The reason I'm saying it's dirty is because I'm assuming there's a better way to do this, with something like a clear() or empty() function.

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This does clear the messages, but where would I put this line? It would be better if I could set a timeout and it would fade away after X seconds. I see a timeout in the code but cannot workout how to set that. –  map7 Sep 11 '13 at 23:59
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I have found my answer to clearing:

  flash('notice', 'User details updated!')
  $location.path "/users/#{$stateParams['id']}"
  $timeout (-> flash()), 2000
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Hay above code giving me error, can you correct it. –  Siddesh Bhalke May 6 at 8:57
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