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I´m writing a Kinect WPF application with some special WPF controls (ESRI WPF – especially map control)

Is there any option how to add to this control my own event which will be fired when the hand cursor do something? For example: HandEnter, HandLeave, etc.

I´m not experienced with Events in C# - I´ve never created my own Events – I only know, that there is an AddEvent and AddEventRoute for WPF controls – is this the right way?

Thanks a lot

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You may want to look at KinectInteraction in the Kinect for Windows Toolkit 1.7, which supports tracking hands in a physical interaction zone, etc.

However, from your post it seems like it would be a better idea to read up on and experiment with the basics of events and event handling in C# and WPF first. These articles on MSDN may serve as a starting point:

  1. Events (C# Programming Guide)
  2. Events tutorial
  3. Events (WPF)
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