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Im using Aptana Studio 3 in Windows 7 for a while. It was working well until one day the terminal view has a bug. When a new terminal was opened it was blank so that I can not type any thin there.

Is there anyone who has been experienced in the same issue. Could you help me to fix this bug. I tried to re-install the software but the terminal still blank.

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solved it. Window -> Preferences -> Team -> Git. At Git Executable, select "...\Git\bin\git.exe" –  Hung Ta Sep 11 '13 at 11:05
Hung Ta, the StackOverflow community encourages people to answer their own questions. If you submit an answer to your question, you will have an opportunity for your answer to be upvoted. –  jsve Feb 9 at 3:09
I have the same probelm and that doesn't solve it for me. I already had git.exe setup in there. My terminal will simply not show anything at all. It used to be useful to see FTP commands in progress, for example. Now it sucks :( –  Jorge Orpinel 2 days ago

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