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Here is the configuration from devise_ldap_authenticatable document:

Edit config/ldap.yml and set our access details:

# [...]
  host: ldap.phys.ethz.ch
  port: 389
  attribute: uid
  base: o=ethz,c=ch
# [...]
Generate the devise views:

And here is the information I can get, it is in Brats(I don't konw what it is) tool setting, it is about our LDAP server specific information:

"ldap_root_pwd": "rootPwd",
"ldap_server": "appauth.corp.company.com",
"ldap_port": "389",
"ldap_base_dn": "DC=corp,DC=company,DC=com",

I can find the "host", "port" is one-one corresponding relationship in devise_ldap_authenticatable and Brats. In my understanding, "DC" should be put to "base:" in rails (devise_ldap_authenticatable).

But where should i put the "ldap_root_dn", "ldap_root_pwd"? What is the corresponding part in rails. I guess "ldap_root_dn" should be put to "base:" as "DN=", or "DC="? I am not sure.

Could anybody can help me about this? Thanks.

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Just for some people meet the same question.

  1. In ldap.yml

attribute: sAMAccountName


admin_user: your correct root dn

admin_password: you correct pw

2 In devise.rb

config.ldap_use_admin_to_bind = true

After that every thing works fine, and logic is clear.

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Please read devise_ldap_authenticatable documentation, and follow this screencast.

I think you can add in ldap.yml additional entries for your credentials such as admin_user and admin_password.

enter image description here

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I followed link wiki.phys.ethz.ch/readme/… and video. It is always failed. The log showed:DAP: LDAP search for login: cn=myusername LDAP: LDAP search yielded 0 matches I think the request is sent and ldap server have received and processed it. But result is failed, is it right? –  lalameat Sep 11 '13 at 13:18
If my answers give you some help, can you please vote it ip ? If you can not see some error message, then it should be good I guess. –  franchez Sep 11 '13 at 13:24

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