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Does anyone know if I could get a word count from an fla? Maybe this could be done with a JSFL? (I'm not sure). I have 7 large FLA files with 100s of MCs containing text. I now need to get a word count but not sure if it's possible without going into every clip and copying/pasting into word!! (I'm hoping not). I'd be very grateful for any help.

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texts are placed in static or dynamic text fields? –  Cherniv Sep 11 '13 at 8:28

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Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about TLF text fields in JSFL documention. This works with classic text fields:

var str="find me";
var doc=fl.getDocumentDOM();
var txt = fl.findObjectInDocByType("text", doc); // find classic text fields
for each (var t in txt) {
/*var tlf = fl.findObjectInDocByType("tlfText", doc);
for each (var t in results) {
    fl.trace(t.obj.getTextString()); //dosen't work

function occurrences(string, subString, allowOverlapping){
    string+=""; subString+="";
    if(subString.length<=0) return string.length+1;
    var n=0, pos=0;
    var step=(allowOverlapping)?(1):(subString.length);
        if(pos>=0){ n++; pos+=step; } else break;

JS - How to count string occurrence in string?

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