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For the last 30 minutes I've been checking out Apportable and am now installing it.

After going over the docs, I can't see whether or not UIKit is supported.

Is it? If so, what is the look and feel on Android?

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It is not supported in the Starter (free) version (other than some rudimentary classes). It is supported in the Indie version and above, but it seems it is beta. See: http://www.apportable.com/pricing, where holding the mouse over "Advanded Frameworks" says it supports UIKit.

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UIKit support is indeed in beta (no alpha support for controls is annoying) but there is a new UIKit implementation on its way. No ETA though but i am waiting for it ;) –  hsarret Sep 27 '13 at 7:47
As of the current date, the Apportable pricing page shows UIKit (limited) as being part of the Core Frameworks, and being available in the Starter (free) plan. It is still very beta. I haven't gotten it to work yet. –  JMack Mar 29 at 7:09
"Advanced Frameworks" is no longer a row in the pricing table –  Tim Arnold Apr 14 at 15:48
If you hover over "Core Frameworks", it now says "UIKit (limited)". There's a forum discussion here: forum.apportable.com/t/… where an engineer writes "The UIKit implementation in the current SDK is very limited and runs without hardware acceleration. I would avoid UIKit in your game if possible." –  ernesto Jun 25 at 10:54

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