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I just found out that a script I wrote only works on node 0.10 because it uses readable events.

How do I require a minimum version of node.js in my script so that users know that they need to upgrade?

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In package.json:

{ "engines" : { "node" : ">=0.10.3" } }

From the docs.

Edit, a programmatic way:

var pkg = require('./pacakge'),
    semver = require('semver');

if(!semver.satisfies(process.version, pkg.engines.node)) {
  // Not sure if throw or process.exit is best.
  throw new Error('Requires a node version matching ' + pkg.engines.node);
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That helps but the script probably won't be distributed with npm. I added some code that checks the node version exposed by process.versions as a second answer. – hwiechers Sep 11 '13 at 9:39
@hwiechers I updated my answer with how I would do it programmatically, but I understand if you accept your own answer if that's what solved the problem for you. – Andreas Hultgren Sep 11 '13 at 10:07

Add this to top the top of your script.

var versionComps = process.versions['node'].split('.');
if (parseInt(versionComps[0]) === 0 && parseInt(versionComps[1]) < 10) {
  console.log('Script requires node.js version >= 0.10');
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