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I have the following function:

Test: function(tElement) {
                showDialog('indicator', {
                                        message: 'Do you want to <span style="color: red;">save</span>?',
                                       type: 'confirm',
                                       ok: 'gGlobal.SaveAnnotation()'
                            }, true);

The function showDialog gets the template name ('indicator), and the json to load into the template.

I have this line in the template:

<a class="dialogBtns" data-action="confirm" title="OK" onclick="${ok}hideDialog();">OK</a>

${ok} is the function to fire "onclick" event.

I want to pass tElement ("test" parameter) means I want to call: gGlobal.SaveAnnotation(tElement) on click.

I tried- ok: 'gGlobal.SaveAnnotation(tElement)', but tElement is undefined (I need to pass the object itself).

Is it possible?

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/could u provide demo on jsfiddle? –  ProblemFactory Sep 11 '13 at 11:05
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