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I am writing a program to calculate the shortest path between two nodes. In my program I have one custom class called NodeList, which contains an ArrayList of strings (representing nodes) along with a distance. I am using Dijkstra's algorithm which involves opening up the shortest edge from each node. So, I use this loop to tabulate the possible routes from a given point:

for ( NodeList ed : edges )
     if (ed.nodeList.get(0).equals(node1))

This works fine, and appears to load the correct values into the variables (according to the debugger). However, when I try and set a variable to the distance of one of the nodes, I get a message "cannot find symbol variable distance". Here is the code that causes the problem:

int minDistance = routes.get(0).distance;

Is this abnormal or is there something obvious I'm missing?

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get(0) apparently returned an object of class type which doesn't have the particular field.

There are several solutions depending on the root cause of the problem:

  • Parameterize the list if possible (e.g. NodeList<Route> instead of NodeList)
  • Cast it to the right type (e.g. int distance = ((Route) routes.get(0)).distance)
  • Make the field public (e.g. public int distance;)
  • Add a getter (e.g. public int getDistance() { return this.distance; }) and use it.
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If the node list doesn't use generics, then the compiler can't tell which type you are get()ing, which means it assumes it's an Object, which means it has no distance member.

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Your code doesn't make sense. You say that you have an ArrayList of Strings, but you are looking for a member called 'distance'. String doesn't have a public field called 'distance'.

Most likely you need to declare ArrayList<SomeClassOfYours> to fix this, but I can't tell what from what you posted.

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He said the list has strings and distances, sounds like he means he already is using a class. – abyx Dec 9 '09 at 13:48

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