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I have download the latest version HoloEveryWhere from github then i added the ActionbarSherlock library to it . Now i errors in themes-core.xml files

and thats what it looks like :

 <style name="Holo.Base.Theme" parent="Theme.AppCompat">

 <style name="Holo.Base.Theme.Light" parent="Theme.AppCompat.Light">

obviously it seems that HoloEveryWhere is configured to work with ActionBarCompt library . for me I'd rather use ActionbarSherlock instead .

should i change the parent values to equivalent sherlock theme's ?

what about the countless errors in attrs.xml :

Attribute "activatedBackgroundIndicator" has already been 

how could i solve them ?

I have been trying to integrate this library for 2 days now with no success !!

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Why use actionbarsherlock? The new supportlibrary should be replacing almost all its features – Anders Metnik Sep 11 '13 at 10:55
@AndersMetnik what about the second error that says Attribute has already been defined – user4o01 Sep 11 '13 at 11:06

I had a similar problem when I added HoloEverywhere 2.0.0 SNAPSHOT and ActionBarCompat as dependencies to my project. I believe HoloEverywhere already has the ActionBarCompat dependency and when I removed ActionBarCompat, the problem duplicates errors went away.

Gradle is driving me crazy, I am very new to Android and have never used ActionBarSherlock, but from my trawling and searching the code, it seems ActionBarSherlock includes references to HoloEverywhere in pom.xml as a plugin. Maybe it has already included HoloEverywhere and you are including another version and this is why you are getting the already defined error?

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