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I am working on a project with django + some js + some css. Is there a place where i should put the dev version of the js/css source files that are compiled into js/css prod versions (and stored in /static) ?

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I know how to render static css/js files with Django. But where should I put the dev js/css files ? Is there any specific Django folder for that ? 'Cause putting them in static means that they're accessible from the client which is not desirable. –  Simon Sep 11 '13 at 11:27

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You can go this way:

In settings:

LIB_URL = '/var/static/lib/'

Make new context_processor:

from django.conf import settings

def static(request):
     return {'LIB_URL': settings.LIB_URL}

add new context processor to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS and then in template:


<script src='{{ LIB_URL }}jquery/jquery.js'></script>

And make folder /var/static/lib/, download your dev libs here. Think that'll help you.

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