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What do Make Sandbox Sparse and Make Sandbox Shared mean in MKS Integrity?

MKS Integrity - Create Sandbox Wizard

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Sparse: The sandbox-directory contains only the files not in sync with the repository. Resynchronise a sparse sandbox deletes all files from the directory that are in sync. (while resynchronising a non-sparse directory will cause the check out of all member-revisions)

Share: You can share this sandbox with other MKS-users. They can import the same sandbox and work on it (check-in, check-out).

You may change both settings in the Sandbox Information window of the (topmost) sandbox by (un)checking the check-box "Sparse" resp. "Shared". Doing so does not change any of your working files, just the behaviuor of some operations (e.g check-in)

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Sparse - if you do not want the Sandbox to retain working files when a member is checked in. A Sandbox is sparse if it has no working files. A sparse Sandbox does not retain working files when a member is checked in, and continues to function this way throughout its use; however, once created,Sandbox directories and sub Sandboxes remain in the Sandbox.

Shared - if you want multiple users to have access to the working files in the Sandbox.

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