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I am struggling to get add text to an existing PDF page using PDFkit. Not sure if I need to go to the depths of CGPDF or I am missing something simple.

Here I am getting an existing single page PDF and (trying to) adding a line of text.

PDFDocument *thisPDF = [[PDFDocument alloc]initWithURL:PDFURL];
PDFPage *aPage =[thisPDF pageAtIndex:0];
NSRect pdfRect = [aPage boundsForBox:kPDFDisplayBoxArtBox];
[@“Text on PDF Page" drawInRect:pdfRect withAttributes:NULL];

I know I should add some attributes, which may be the issue, but I am looking for some guidance to how to just add the text at this point. I have been through the Quartz Guide, but this only references the CGPDF stuff, which I have tried and failed to implement successfully.

Can I do what I intend with just PDFKit? Am I heading in the right direction?

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Well, didn’t have to go as far as CGPDF, all that was needed was to subclass PDFPage and create a custom init method passing in the PDF page I wanted as the base, the overriding the following methods:

- (void) drawWithBox: (PDFDisplayBox) box
- (NSRect) boundsForBox: (PDFDisplayBox) box

Thanks to for pointing me in the right direction.

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