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Please read my question first before voting it off-topic considering questions asking us to recommend or find a tool/library.

I am creating a WinRT app for only Facebook chat. I checked the developer site, I am recommended to use Facebook Chat via the Jabber/XMPP service. I tried to find that feature in Facebook C# SDK but it's not available in it.

I searched for XMPP library and found this. It's ASP.NET project though, I decided to port it for WinRT, but I read the latest comment in that blog post. It's telling this is also no longer working.

So anyone there know how to use chat API using WinRT supported XMPP library ? If library is not availble then can any one guide for any tutorial, I can't find relevant tutorial.

Those who think, chat/messenger is not available programmatically, please see IM+ app in Windows Store.

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From the Facebook .NET SDK FAQ -

Does Facebook SDK for .NET support Facebook Chat?

Facebook SDK for .NET doesn't support the Facebook chat (nor do we have any plans to support it in the future). Facebook chat is based on the xmpp protocol thus any existing XMPP .NET libraries would work with Facebook Chat.

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Yeah, finally I found WinRT supported XMPP library as well as full fledged chat app. Kudos to developers.

Is there any free XMPP library which Supports WinRT?

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