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I have the following statement in my model:

.where("ClinicalText LIKE 'Paid by PET HEALTH' AND PVID != 44444")

I need to find all records where the ClinicalText contains one of the following:

Paid by PET HEALTH (T)

I thought my like statement would cover all options seeing as they all contain the ' Paid by PET HEALTH'.

It would appear I was wrong and now need to find the right syntax.

Is this possible?

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In MySQL you should be able to use the '%' wildcard.

.where("ClinicalText LIKE 'Paid by PET HEALTH%' AND PVID != 44444")

Of course this will get ANYTHING that starts with the string 'Paid by PET HEALTH' (depending on your MySQL settings this may or may not be case sensitive.)

EDIT: this answer only uses one wildcard to limit the match against strings that start with the necessary string. If you want to match anywhere in the value, then add a '%' to the front as well.

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LIKE needs wildcards

.where("ClinicalText LIKE '%Paid by PET HEALTH%' AND PVID != 44444")

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