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After fiddling around with the Switchboard Manager a few times, I decided to create a customized pop-up switchboard form instead. The problem I'm having now is the switchboard displays in front of my other forms and reports.

Can anyone recommend a way to hide the switchboard after the user has clicked an option and then re-display the switchboard after the user has exited out of the chosen form or report? Also, I welcome any tips/tricks/advice with customized switchboards.

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do .hide and .show work? –  enderland Sep 11 '13 at 13:47
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Add Me.Visible = False to any button_Click event on your switchboard that you want to hide the switchboard.

Then in the Form_Close() event for the other forms, use the following to show the switchboard again.

Application.Forms("SwitchboardName").Visible = True
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