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i'm beginning with node.js, in my first example i'm creating a chat. This char have two page, the first (index.jade) the user insert your nickname and second page (chat.jade) the user can chat with other users.

i have two problems.

the first: when user insert your name, the system change the page (chat.jade) and return the your name wrote but the code ( io.sockets.emit('nicknames', nicknames); ) no execute and i think that's because when change of page no load de funcion en el client (socket.on('nicknames',function(data){ .....) . Why??

second problem: when a user send a message, the server send a json with user and message but the client get the user null and message correct. why the user is null??



        var nickname = $('#nickname').val();
        if(nickname !== ''){
            socket.emit('login',nickname, function(data){
                    return false;

  var message = $("#message").val();
  if(message != ''){

  var $p = $('<p>'+data+'</p>');

var nicknames = [];

io.sockets.on('connection', function(socket) {

    socket.on('login', function(data, callback){
        if (nicknames.indexOf(data) != -1){
            socket.set('nickname', data);
                        io.sockets.emit('nicknames', nicknames);

    socket.on('sendMessage', function(data){
        socket.get('nickname', function(err, name){
            console.log('nickname: '+name);

        var message = { "nickname":socket.nickname, "data":data };
        io.sockets.emit('userMessage', message);
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  1. Submitting the form navigates away from this page, thus closing a socket connection to the server.

  2. Because of the above when client arrives at your chat.jade, it establishes new socket connection, which doesn't have socket.nickname set - and also you should be using socket.get('nickname') - which is an asynchronous functions.

have a look at my implementation of chat using and agular

Use sessions to tie socket connection to a user session, link

Use AngularJs or similar frameworks to build Single Page App, to prevent refreshing, and loosing connection

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I understand. is there any way to keep the same socket in different pages?? – Agustin Castro Sep 11 '13 at 14:28
@AgustinCastro, one way is to build a Single Page App, like in the example I gave you, whereby navigating between views doesnt actually refresh the page, thus keeping the socket connection. Another way is to use session, and keep all data in session - and use socket just as a transport means between client and server. – dark_ruby Sep 11 '13 at 14:35
I'm goin to try both methods. 1. if I want to change the view without refreshing the page, using ajax?? 2. can you give me a page that explains how to use sessions with socket?? – Agustin Castro Sep 11 '13 at 15:12
@AgustinCastro I updated my answer based on your comments – dark_ruby Sep 11 '13 at 15:30

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