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I have some output from

ps -ef | grep apache

I need to change all spaces in that output to '@' symbol Is it possible to use some bash script for this? Thanks

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Why? I don't mean to be flip; it's just that it seems you want to pass the result to another command where the spaces will cause problems, and there may be a better approach than working with the output of ps in the first place. – chepner Sep 11 '13 at 17:11
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Use tr:

ps -ef | grep apache | tr ' ' @
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use tr:

$ echo 'foo bar baz' | tr ' ' '@'


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Basic sed command:

ps -ef | grep apache | sed 's/ /@/g'

sed 's/text/new text/g' looks for "text" and replaces it with "new text".

In case you want to replace more characters, for example replace all spaces and _ with @: (thanks Adrian Frühwirth):

ps -ef | grep apache | sed 's/[_ ]/@/g'
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Why not use a character class, e.g. sed 's/[ _]/@/g' instead? – Adrian Frühwirth Sep 11 '13 at 14:32
@AdrianFrühwirth thanks, I didn't know we could do such thing. – fedorqui Sep 11 '13 at 14:34

You can can skip the extra grep if you use awk:

ps -ef | awk '/apache/{gsub(/ /,"@");print}'
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If you want multiple space characters to be replaced with only one @ symbol, you can use -s flag with tr:

ps -ef | grep apache | tr -s ' ' '@'

or this sed solution:

ps -ef | grep apache | sed -r 's/ +/@/g'
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