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Inside a TeamCity build, there is an step to execute a maven-assembly-plugin, after waiting some time (40-50 minutes) it gives java heap space error (see the log):

[15:32:58][com.****:project] [INFO] --- maven-assembly-plugin:2.4:single (make-assembly) @ project ---
[15:33:01][com.****:project] [INFO] Reading assembly descriptor: assembly.xml
[16:20:02][com.****:project] [ERROR] Java heap space -> [Help 1]

The Teamcity is being executed on a Unix environment. The maven step executes "mvn clean deploy" that works correctly on the development Windows machine.

Already tried to set MAVEN_OPTS to:

MAVEN_OPTS = -Xms256m -Xmx1024m
MAVEN_OPTS = -Xms512m -Xmx2048m

Any clue to solve this?

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Setting the Xmx options using MAVEN_OPTS does work, it does configure the JVM used to start Maven. That being said, the maven-surefire-plugin forks a new JVM by default, and your MAVEN_OPTS are thus not passed.


for more information see this answer

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This solution does not work. Still the same problem. –  jordiburgos Sep 11 '13 at 16:45
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The problem is about the configuration of the maven-assembly-plugin on Unix.

[09:21:17][com.***:project] [DEBUG] FileSet[lib/] dir perms: -1 file perms: -1 lineEndings: unix
[09:21:17][com.***:project] [DEBUG] The archive base directory is 'null'

The archive base directory is not set on the pom.xml configuration. For this reason, on Unix, assembly was archiving /lib folder instead of /projects/project/lib. Thus, the out of memory error.

This is the line added to the current config:


This is the resulting configuration:

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