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I understood studying the filesystem api files are written to a specific directory(temporary or persistent), I wonder if it is possible to write to a accessible directory thing as "c: \ files"

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no...security issue – Logan Murphy Sep 11 '13 at 15:00
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Short answer: No. This has been covered many times before here. I explained more fully in my reply to JS Filesystem API: accessing JS FileEntry's on local system?.

If you want a tutorial of the File System API, try Exploring the FileSystem APIs on html5rocks.com

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In April 2014, it was announced on public-webapps that the Filesystem API spec is not being considered by other browsers. For now, the API is Chrome-specific and it's unlikely to be implemented by other browsers and is no longer being standardized with the W3C. – Phillip Senn Apr 25 at 15:00

No. File storage is restricted to a sandbox. It can be temporary or persistent storage.


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