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So I uploaded my mvc project on github, but the problem is there are so many .js files in Scripts/ folder like jquery and jquery ui, that github recognizes this as JavaScript projest. I want it to be c# project.

I tried to add .gitignore pattern to ignore Scripts folder like this:



which I understand it ignores all folders with name Scripts, but it still shows as JavaScript project.

Any tips welcome. Thanks

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The type of project is determined automatically by Github's Linguist gem.
If you want to ignore those scripts on future commits (which you shouldn't do, if they are necessary to your project), your .gitignore file should read like this:


It's also worth noting that even if you change this, unless you remove your scripts from the repository, Linguist will still note them when calculating the language used for the project.

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Oh didn't know how Linguist works. Thanks for explaining. – Amel Salibasic Sep 12 '13 at 16:00

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