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I've got a pentaho job which prints out java logger stuff to console if you run it manually. There should be hundreds of lines being logged. I have it scheduled as a cron job, and while the job seems to run fine, the logging stuff isn't being placed in the log file.

I have a start and end echo statement, and those are being writted to the log file.

Batch file:

echo "Starting daily cron run"
export KETTLE_HOME=/opt/appdata/app/
$PENTAHO_HOME/kitchen.sh -rep="APP_UNIX" -job=run_all
echo "Daily cron run completed"

The cron job:

5 3 * * * /home/e_app_s/load_all_etl_unix.sh > schedule.log

What schedule.log looks like:

Starting daily cron run
Daily cron run completed

Anyone see a problem here? Thanks.

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Where is $PENTAHO_HOME defined? –  lurker Sep 11 '13 at 15:53
Almost invariably, when running a job manually works and executing it from cron does not, the cause is a difference between your environment and cron's environment. –  glenn jackman Sep 11 '13 at 15:59

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I defined $PENTAHO_HOME explicitely instead of using the variable. It worked.

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