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I'm currently developing Android applications on Android

I was getting tired of writing SomeView view = (SomeView) findViewById(; over and over again and decided to try and write a template for it.

I discovered Live Templates and decided to try and write on for this code snippet. I've managed to write the following:

= ($CLASS_NAME$) findViewById($END$);

This will start the cursor at $CLASS_NAME$ and jump it to $END$ when I press Tab.

Which is nice but I'd like it to insert the first class name it finds, working backwards, and insert that into $CLASS_NAME$. Thus writing SomeView view and then calling the template would insert SomeView at $CLASS_NAME$.

I realise that the solution, if there is one, is probably to write a custom expression for the variable but I just don't know how to go about that.

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I don' think you easily make a backward reference, but you can try someting like this:

$CLASS_NAME$ $END$ = ($CLASS_NAME$) findViewById($END$);


$CLASS_NAME$ $VAR$ = ($CLASS_NAME$) findViewById($END$);
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That is, in fact, a much cleaner solution than what I had in mind. Cheers! – Bjorninn Sep 11 '13 at 21:49

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