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//This works! but I was trying to avoid the extra class  
$(' ul').clone().appendTo('.leftnav').removeClass();

// this does not work
$("").parent(function () {
    $('this ul').clone().appendTo('.leftnav').removeClass();

// does not work either
var activeLink = $("").parent();

Can you add to the "this" by looking for its nest ul?

if not

what about placing it in a variable?

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here is the solution I found:

  • I found the active a
  • Then found its parent which was an li
  • Then I looked in the li's children and found the ul
  • I was then able to clone that ul and append it to the leftnav div
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Instead of, try a:active. the ':active' is a pseudo class added by the browsers, but ".active" refers to an actual class added by the developer.

I should also note that :active only works on the a (anchor) tags, not li's, with li's you'd have to use your .active class.

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