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I have a table that stores several values, which some are decimals. I am using FLOAT for a few of those columns, but my last 2 columns have been giving me trouble...

For example:

billamount: 0.002176   <--- Stores as is inside the DB - GOOD
surchargerate: 0.000010   <--- Will store as 1e-50 - Why?
surchargeamount: 0.000019   <--- Will store as 1e-50 - Why?

The decimal length is exactly the same for the 3 values, however my surcharge feels will store as a 1e or 5e or whatever it uses to calculate that value. I'm not sure exactly why it's doing it, but maybe someone can enlighten my day?

Btw, those 3 columns datatypes are all stored as FLOATS.

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Btw, those 3 columns datatypes should be all stored as DECIMALS.

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