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I followed this tutorial to set up a local environment with Eclipse and Tomcat. This works fine and I am able to view my http://localhost/test-app/ web page.

What I want to do is move the webpage to a linux server on my network (so other users on my network can access this page). So the URL will be something like http://devbox/test-app/.

How did I get to this point: I have sql database on "devbox" that I want to access and display information from on the web page. After research, I found I would need JSP (or some other server side language) to access the database. To use JSP I need Tomcat. I extracted the version of Tomcat from the tutorial onto my local machine and the devbox. When I try to add the Tomcat server on devbox in Eclipse, it says "The currently selected server type does not support remote hosts." How can I develop locally, test locally, the deploy onto the devbox?

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As per your question what I would adivce you is to install and configure tomcat-eclipse on your linux server itself insiftead of locally somewhere on windows box. You can follow the link if you are using ubuntu for your devbox server http://gridlab.dimes.unical.it/lackovic/eclipse-tomcat-ubuntu-jersey/ and for devbox you can always put entry in /etc/hosts for name resolution and also dns instead you can call your application with ip instead of localhost to be accessed in network.

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