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I am using CPN Tools to model a distributed system. CPN Tools uses CPN ML an extension of SML. The project homepage is: cpntools.org

I started with a simple model and when I try to make a particular indexed color set timed, I get an "Internal error". There is another indexed colorset within my Petri-net model that is timed and works correctly. I am not sure how I can troubleshoot since I don't understand the error message. Could you help me interpret the error message or give me some hints on what I could be doing wrong?

The model is: http://imgur.com/JUjPRHK

The declarations of the model are: http://imgur.com/DvvpyvH

The error message is:

Internal error: Compile error when generating code. Caught error.../compiler/TopLevel/interact/evalloop.sml:296.17-296.20../compiler/TopLevel/interact/evalloop.sml:44.55../compiler/TopLevel/interact/evalloop.sml:66.19-66.27

structure CPN`TransitionID1413873858 = struct ... end (* see simulator debug info for full code *)



Thank you~

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