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I am working on android for now and I searched through the net for downloading a file using boost but I couldn't find any robust simple example for usage. Can you give me an example of downloading a text file from net using boost.asio or can you suggest an reliable TCP/IP communication framework for doing this?

Why I am asking this question is because I tried these cases:

  • cpp-netlib (Gives endian error when compiling for arm-linux-androideabi toolchain, g++ as a linker)
  • curl (requires libz and if I compile libz static it gives segfault on running)

I am using the patched version of boost in here: https://github.com/MysticTreeGames/Boost-for-Android

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Boost.Asio does not directly provide this functionality. However, one could implement a higher level protocol, such as HTTP, using Boost.Asio. It may be worth considering urdl, from Boost.Asio's author, designed to be a cross-platform C++ library for downloading web content using a URL. –  Tanner Sansbury Sep 11 '13 at 19:14

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