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I'm trying to get sorting to work with a WPF Toolkit DataGrid. My DataGrid's rows are instances of view models. The row's view model exposes a view model for each column. Each column is data templated to a different user control. This is what my DataGrid's column declarations look like:

    <tk:DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Name" MinWidth="150" Width="150">
                <ContentPresenter Content="{Binding Path=NameViewModel}"/>
    <tk:DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Data Dependencies" MinWidth="350" Width="Auto">
                <ContentPresenter Content="{Binding Path=DependenciesViewModel}"/>

Name is bound to a view model that is data templated with a user control that displays the name as a text block. It also displays some other graphical information, which is why it's displayed in a user control.

The problem with doing it this way is that I lose the ability to sort the Name column. I was hoping that implementing IComparable<T> on the row view model that exposes the Name view model would do the trick, but it doesn't look like the WPF data grid cares that it implements IComparable<T>.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how best to tackle this?

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This answer was what I was looking for.

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