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My blog homepage works by looping through all the different blog categories and displays them

The only issue is I don't want some blog categorise to be displayed

How can I end the loop at a certain number?


Thanks in advance!

<?php  $category=$news_article_category->listCategory(); 
       foreach($category as $ids=>$name){ ?>
        <?php if($ids==1)
         <h3 class="open"><?php echo h($name); ?></h3>
        <?php }else{ ?>
        <h3><?php echo h($name); ?></h3>
        <?php }?>     
         <?php  $articles = $news_article->listlatestArticleByCat($ids);

            <?php foreach($articles as $id => $title);
            $newVariable = str_replace(" ", "_", $title);  ?>
                <h2><a style="text-decoration:none; color:#333;" href="view_article.php?id=<?php  echo h($newVariable); ?>"><?php echo h($title); ?></a></h2>
             <p><?php $article = $news_article->getFromId($id);?>
             <?php $string = strip_tags($article['NewsArticle']['content'], '<p><br><strong><em><span><a>');
             /*pos varaiable defines the position of last occurance of Space in the string of 300 characters*/
             $pos=strripos($stringy," ");?>
           <?php /*Substring the string eliminating the last incomplete words*/ 
           echo substr($stringy,0,$pos); ?>
            <?php if($name=='Wills and Probate'){?>
             <a href="WillsProbate.php"> <img src="image/more_arrow.png" alt="" border="none"></a>
            <?php }elseif($name=='Landlord and Tenant') {?>
            <a href="LandlordTenant.php"> <img src="image/more_arrow.png" alt="" border="none"></a>
            <?php }elseif($name=='Divorce and Family') {?>
            <a href="DivorceFamily.php"> <img src="image/more_arrow.png" alt="" border="none"></a>
            <?php }elseif($name=='Commercial Property') {?>
            <a href="CommercialProperty.php"> <img src="image/more_arrow.png" alt="" border="none"></a>
            <?php }elseif($name=='Lease Extensions') {?>
            <a href="LeaseExtension.php"> <img src="image/more_arrow.png" alt="" border="none"></a>
            <?php }elseif($name=='Conveyancing') {?>
            <a href="conveyancing.php"> <img src="image/more_arrow.png" alt="" border="none"></a>

            <?php } ?>
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Typing the same question into Google would have given you the answer. Use break statements -- – Amal Murali Sep 11 '13 at 18:37

You can control a loop inside the loop using break and continue:

$i = 0;
while ($i++) {
   if ($i == 5) {
   if ($i == 10) {
   echo $i;

This will output 12346789.

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You can exit any loop by using a "break."

PHP break documentation

Also, try using more readable php when it's contained within html.

For example:

<?php if($ids==1): ?>
    <h3 class="open"><?=h($name) ?></h3>
<?php else: ?>
    <h3><?=h($name) ?></h3>
<?php endif; ?>
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Even better, don't contain it in HTML. – Bart Friederichs Sep 11 '13 at 18:44

You can stop a loop using the break . If you have multiple nested fors, you can use something like go-to and when something inside a for happens, you can always go to the break for the initial for.

Finally, you can use exit and that will just stop the execution of the whole page right there.

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