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Is it possible to hyperlink to a WebDAV folder?

That is, can we embed a link in a webapp that opens a url within the same webapp as WebDAV folder, preferably within the same HTTP session? It only needs to work for Internet Explorer.

So far, I have found RFC 4709, which appears to be not implemented by Internet Explorer 8. (Correct?)

I have also tried file:// (IE 8 says it cannot find the directory, even though can be opened with IE 7's open dialog using "Open as Web Folder".)

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RFC 4709 contains a sample implementation for IE. Just run the script in Appendix B.1.

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Wow, from the author himself! I can not install anything on the client, but I was able to reuse the JavaScript code. (It's ok for us to navigate using JavaScript rather than a hyperlink). However, the script doesn't appear to work in IE 8 (It says: "Unexpected status: FAILED"). Of course, in true Microsoft fashion, IE doesn't say why navigation failed. –  meriton Dec 9 '09 at 17:44

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